Gleaning Project

Are you a landowner with trees that are dripping with fruit, but you don’t have time to pick them? Is climbing a ladder getting to be too much? Did that one tree have a bumper crop this year? Do you have more than your family can use? Is your garden overflowing? Would you like to share the bounty with other members of the community?

Would you benefit from access to healthy produce, but have no trees or garden of your own? Do you enjoy the simple pleasure of harvesting in a group?

If you answered yes, then Gleaning Project may be for you. The Food Program organizes volunteers to gather to pick surplus crops. The harvest is split 3 ways: one third for the landowner, one third for the Food Program (used for our programs and distributed to families in need), and one third split between the volunteer pickers. We bring orchard ladders and picking bags and try to gather as much as possible so there’s no waste. A staff member from the Food Program is always present to supervise the pickers and liaise with the landowners, and the Food Program carries insurance that covers our activities on your land.

If you’re interested in harvesting or having us come pick, contact us for more information. Any produce or fruit is appropriate–we love unusual offers! We can always use more volunteer pickers. We also have some volunteers who love to pick but don't need much produce who are willing to pick on behalf of community members who might not be able to pick so if that sounds like a good fit for you, please let us know.