Fall Preserving Workshops

All preserving workshops are at the South Hall. Please RSVP by emailing galianofoodprograms@gmail.com to RSVP.

Jam for Beginners - July 26
Galiano summers yield an amazing variety of tree fruits and berries, available from our farmers, through our Gleaning program and in your own backyard.
Making jam is a great way to capture the taste of summer in a jar to brighten up those dark winter days.
Making jam can be daunting if you’ve never tried it. But there are different methods, and some are very easy. In this class we will be using commercial pectin and the only skills needed are the ability to measure a few cups of fruit, and the ability to time a boil—skills everyone has. That’s it. No thermometers, no wrinkle tests. Using some commercial pectins also gives you the freedom to use honey or skip the sugar all together—things not possible with traditional long boil jams. Class costs $15 - $20 RSVP required.

Jam and Marmalade Workshop
More summer in a jar! We’ll be making jam the old-fashioned way. Long boil style, with the wrinkle test and thermometers, and canning it using a boiling water bath. We’ll put up one kind of marmalade and Jam. There will be a discussion on the various pectin levels of different fruits at different times of the year.
Thursday Aug 17, 5-9pm, Sliding scale $10-$20

Pressure Canning Tomatoes Workshop
Are you afraid of your Pressure Canner? It's the safest way to can tomatoes - let us teach you how to use it!
This is a hands on class for beginners (and everyone else). You'll get to take home a jar of tomato sauce
Thursday Aug 31, 5-9pm at the S. Hall. Sliding scale $10-$20