The Bluffs Park Lookout Road

Bluffs Park Lookout Road: Rick Gill and Andy Turner from our highways maintenance company, Mainroad, approached the Galiano Club with an offer to repair the “spur” road that leads from Bluff Rd. to the Bluffs lookout. This spur road has been in very bad condition for a number of years. Because the Bluffs are designated “nature protection”, very little alteration can be done within the park. The Islands Trust Planner has approved the road repair work which will include new gravel and ditching as well as adding fill in the lookout parking lot that is a lake for much of the winter.

This work will begin mid-October and will take about 3 days. This donation by Mainroad is an incredible community benefit. It would have taken the Galiano Club a long time in which to raise the money for this project. Thank you Mainroad!