Seed Library of Galiano

The Seed Library of Galiano aims to increase local food security by loaning locally adapted organic seeds to Galiano growers and to maintain a stock of viable seed. Launched in February 2016 SLOG has a Seed Inventory from which members can borrow seed, grow food, harvest seed and return seed in the fall during one of the "check-in" parties (schedule to be announced). Thanks to Dan Jason for providing us with a library "starting kit", and to the Bauta Initiative for providing a grant for library supplies. While our Seed Library lending sessions are over for the spring 2017, contact Colleen at to book an appointment.

A $10 lifetime membership fees entitles you to borrow as many seeds as you like. With commercial seed packets now going for $3-9 each, you may want to consider borrowing seed from the Seed Library (and practice seed-saving skills along the way!)

All Lending Sessions are at the Galiano Community Library. Drop in for tea and chat!