The Bluffs as viewed from a drone over Active Pass. (photo by Kris Krüg)


It's 8:00am on a Monday morning, and I'm unloading supplies from my van into the hall kitchen. I need to start the 12 loaves of bread rising so they’re ready by the time we take the soup to the school at noon.
Officially volunteers arrive at 10:00am, but they know I come early, and some...

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As I write this, honeybees and orange-striped bumbles collect nectar from thyme plants lining the path of the school garden. The cacophony of humming pauses long enough for me to pass. The greenhouse is flanked by red poppies, multi-striped purple sweet peas, and maroon false valerian. While...

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The Heritage Forest, located at the end of Georgia View Road, is 126 ha of land managed jointly by the Galiano Club & the Galiano Conservancy. One of those instrumental in having the Forest created in 2000 was, then serving as an Island Trustee, Margaret Griffiths. After Margaret's death...

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