Growing Food


The food program organizes several community garden spaces on Galiano Island each year.

In 2012, we will be involved in the following projects:

  • Cable Bay Farms Growing and Gleaning Project
  • Garlic-growing Cooperative
  • Community School Garden
  • Community Greenhouse Year-round Project and
  • Spring Starts Project

Consult these individual headings to find out more about each Food-Growing Initiative. If you are interested in participating in any of these projects, please contact the Food Program Coordinators, Janice and Alison, at 250-539-2175, option 2,e-mail us at or contact us through this website. You can also join us on Facebook under Galiano Community Food Program.




Loving our Garden

I love going to our garden. My garden pals are the greatest. The garden grows more and more beautiful every week and is constantly amazing me with it's miracles. Today I was jumping up and down about how huge the cucumbers are - I grew these from seed! Thanks you guys.

Garden Harvest Show

Come see the bounty of Galiano Community Gardens at the Garden Harvest Show this weekend! Swing by the Lion's Hall on Saturday August 28th.