Community Games Night by Alison Colwell

Community Games Night turns the South Hall into a giant family living room. Tables are set up with Scrabble and Battleship, Risk and Connect 4. There are decks of cards, and a Twister mat on the floor for the younger kids. It began as a way for the Food Program to hold an evening kitchen to stock the freezer with meals for seniors, but has since grown (as do so many of our food program ideas) into a much-loved monthly event.


Beekeepers Course - Sunday, August 7th

Apiary Inspector David MacDonald will be coming to Galiano to share his knowledge on beekeeping, with specific focus on the varroa mite and its impact on honeybee populations. This course is for all levels of beekeepers, from novice to experienced, and will combine a morning tutorial with a field inspection at a local apiary. If you are interested, please RSVP to Colleen at Details have not been confirmed but the course will likely run from 9am until 2pm.


Gleaning Project and Berry Co-op

Are you a landowner with trees that are dripping with fruit, but you don’t have time to pick them? Is climbing a ladder getting to be too much? Did that one tree have a bumper crop this year? Do you have more than your family can use? Is your garden overflowing? Would you like to share the bounty with other members of the community? Would you benefit from access to healthy produce, but have no trees or garden of your own? Do you enjoy the simple pleasure of harvesting in a group?


Seed Library of Galiano at the Galiano Community Library

The Seed Library of Galiano is having its final lending session of the season this Saturday, April 16th from 12-2pm at the Galiano Community Library. Lifetime memberships are available to all residents of Galiano for $10. Come "check out" our seed inventory. We'll have a "check-in" party at the end of the growing season for people to "return" seeds back to the library. We welcome all levels of growers and encourage everyone to save seeds!
View the attached PDF document to see what seeds are available from the Seed Library Inventory.




Indeed a Memorable Feast!
By: Lisette Jolicoeur

Little did I know what I was in for when I responded to the email invitation from the Food Program : "Come out for a walk with Dan Persyko and friends to marvel at the abundance of food at its source. The traditional First Nations site at Montague Harbour is the ideal place to learn about living close to the land and sea. Bring shovel, a bucket, a bowl, and fork. 4:30 Thursday, June 9th, 2011".


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