Public Relations, Publicity and Fundraising

Our public relations and publicity efforts are ongoing and we constantly strive to develop links between the members of our community, as well as with off-island groups and individuals. Here is a summary of what has been accomplished so far...

Fundraiser Food Film Festival Spring 2011
Galiano Community Food Program 2011 Calendar
Launch of Galiano Cooks, Storybook/cookbook May 2010
North End Jamboree and South End Fiesta SUMMER 2008 & 2009
Garden Club Harvest and Flower Show August, 2009
Fundraising Dance August, 2008
Mayne Island Food Program September, 2008 and September, 2009
Community Food Program Calendar December, 2008 & December, 2009
Galiano Saturday Market August, 2009 & Summer 2010
Monthly summaries- e-mail correspondence- ongoing
Active Page monthly letter to the Community and articles, ongoing
Inter-island press releases and advertizing, ongoing
CFAI e-brief, monthly
From the table to the field : turning discussion into action. An islands conference on Community, Agriculture and the Environment March 2010
Farmers’ Institute February 2010
Ongoing correspondence with various Galiano goups
Ongoing correspondence with various off-island groups
Off-island conferences, ongoing

Without the various grants we have received over the past few years, the Galiano Community Food program would not have been possible. Thanks to the efforts of the Galiano Club Board of Directors and to Jane Wolverton's relentless pursuit of funding, over $100,000.00 dollars have come into our community in the form of grants, providing full-time and part-time employment to at least four Galiano residents, as well as the means to purchase the equipment and materials necessary to the continuation of our activities.
We gratefully thank our current sponsors for their invaluable monetary contributions:

The Vancouver Foundation
YMCA well as ongoing support from members of our community ! :)

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