A fun celebration of local wild abundance.

Galiano Island’s 9th Annual Nettlefest

Are you interested in eating more local food and cooking with wild ingredients? Come spring, stinging nettles are among the first edible plants to burst from the ground in the Gulf Islands. In an intimate setting just an hour’s ferry ride from the Lower Mainland, join us for a fun celebration of local wild abundance on beautiful Galiano Island April 15th-17th, 2016, and learn all about nettles—their health and nutritional properties, how to harvest them, and how to cook them.


Nettlefest Community Potluck Celebration 5:30pm - Sunday April 12

Come together to celebrate the return of Spring as we gather as a community for the 8th annual Nettlefest Potluck. It’s all about gathering with friends and neighbours, sharing some wonderful food, and enjoying the entertainment of some amazingly-talented locals. Join us, and bring something to share with others.
(Kitchen volunteers needed. Join us in the afternoon to make the Nettle Soup and Nettle Bread for the evening potluck.)


Wild Kitchen—Nettle Cooking Workshop with Alison Colwell - 5:30pm, Friday, April 10

“If I told you that there was a fantastically tasty, nutritious and absolutely free foodstuff growing probably meters, and certainly no more than five minutes' walk, from where you now sit, would I pique your interest? If I said it was easy to cook and very versatile, might I be whetting your appetite? And if I mentioned that it beats both spinach and broccoli for vitamins, minerals and protein, would that seal the deal? I am talking about nettles, nature's well-armoured and plentiful offering at this otherwise rather sparse time of year.


Forest Foraging Walk with Naturalist Patti Pringle from the Galiano Conservancy & Holistic Nutritionist Cedana Bourne 10:00am-12:00, Saturday April 11

Meet at Alistair Ross trailhead parking lot
Bring your gloves and baskets and learn about foraging in our local forests. We’ll walk through Galiano’s wild places and talk about nettles and other edible wild greens, how and when to pick them for a sustainable harvest, where they grow, and their roles in our local ecosystems. We’ll also learn about their nutritional and health-giving properties, and how best to preserve them. Join in afterwards for the Community Nettle Harvesting.



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