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Seed Library of Galiano at the Galiano Community Library

The Seed Library of Galiano is having its final lending session of the season this Saturday, April 16th from 12-2pm at the Galiano Community Library. Lifetime memberships are available to all residents of Galiano for $10. Come "check out" our seed inventory. We'll have a "check-in" party at the end of the growing season for people to "return" seeds back to the library. We welcome all levels of growers and encourage everyone to save seeds!
View the attached PDF document to see what seeds are available from the Seed Library Inventory.



Fruit Tree Pruning by Emma Luna Davis

Often in food gardening, we try to emulate nature’s cycles. But trees in the wild don’t require pruning. Why do we need to prune cultivated fruit trees? Pruning is done for lots of reasons, including:
• Safety for people and structures
• Aesthetic preference
• Removal of dead, diseased, or weak structures to increase the health of the tree
• Keeping the tree small enough that fruit is easy to access and the tree is easy to care for
• Encouraging root growth in young trees to ensure water supply


Soup For Seniors Kitchen – October 19th at 10am

Cooking for the day's lunch starts at 10am and help preparing the soup for lunch plus soup for the school kids, and the frozen meals for the seniors is always appreciated.
(But if you can't come till noon - you are still welcome - we always need help with packaging and dishes too!)
We always need new volunteers and there are many kinds of jobs that need doing.
RSVPs help me figure out how many people will be in the kitchen.


Soup & Bread – A Lunch for Everyone - October 19th - 12:30pm till 1:30pm

Come join us for lunch next Monday - Everyone is welcome!!
This event is a fundraiser for the Food Program’s Soup for Seniors Project.
There is a suggested donation of $5-$10 and we will have frozen meals for sale.


Canning Homemade Tomato Sauce - Sept. 20th at 5pm

Are you afraid of your Pressure Canner?
It's the safest way to can tomatoes - let us teach you how to use it!
This is a hands on class for beginners (and everyone else). You'll get to take home a jar of tomato sauce
Sunday - September 20th - 5pm-8pm at the S. Hall. Sliding scale $10-$20


Zucchini Races at the 6th Annual Picnic

Two categories: kids and adults.
Each category is divided into two vehicle types: Integral (i.e. the vehicle would collapse if the zucchini was removed) and modified. There is also an award for the most creative vehicle design. Vehicles can be no more than 13” wide, and to win a prize, all the power must be supplied by the incline ramp. However, in the words of the judges:
“No zucchini, no matter how outrageous, will be refused!”


Gardening Competitions at the Community Picnic

Organized by the Allotment Society - come show off your fruit & veg.
1 Biggest Zucchini (or other squash)
2 Tallest sunflower
3 Arrangement of flowers
4 Arrangement of wild flowers
5 Mixed vegetable basket
6 Mixed fruit basket
7 Best 3 tomatoes
8 Best 3 apples


The 6th Annual Community Potluck Picnic

The Galiano Community School & Activity Centre Sep 13, 2015 12-4pm rain or shine

Come join your neighbours, bring a friend, meet someone new. Share a favourite dish, stories, games and live music. Last year was a blast! Celebrate the end of a great summer. Everyone, young and old, is welcome. Bring your best pie to the contest table and let’s see who bakes Galiano’s Best Pie of 2015!

Please remember to bring and wash your own dishes, cutlery and cup.



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