Food Program

Community Kitchens

Community Kitchens meet once a month over the winter months. It’s a great way to meet new people, learn new kitchen skills, enjoy a nice dinner and get some food ready made for home. Costs are based on a sliding scale, and cover the cost of the food.

Soup for Seniors

This ongoing project works to connect seniors who appreciate an extra special meal or two in reserve, with volunteers who make the soup, and farmers with extra produce. This is essentially a service with a broad sliding scale from those who gratefully pay to those who cannot. Anyone wishing to be part of this process is encouraged to email us or call. Cooks, drivers and enthusiastic participants needed!

Workshops and Speakers Series

The Food Program hosts workshops on topics of interest to the island's food community. Topics are wide ranging and have included: Cheese Making, Garden Troubleshooting, Jam Making, Fermentation, Plant Propagation, Planting Fruit Trees, Making Pickles, Bread Making, Smoking Salmon and many more. If you wish to register for any of these workshops, please contact us through this site, call 250-539-2175 option 2, or e-mail us at

Climate Resilience by Emma Luna Davis

A recent article in The Atlantic asked where might be a safe place to live to avoid the worst effects of climate change (“Is Anywhere on Earth Safe From Climate Change”, Adrienne Lafrance, August 2017). In the wake of a summer of devastating wildfires, hurricanes, and record-breaking temperatures, it seems a very timely question. Though, even if you are fortunate enough to have the mobility implied by the question, the article doesn’t offer any bullet-proof destinations, instead pointing to a strong economy and responsive institutions as offering insurance.


Plant, Plant, and Plant Again! by Colleen Doty

When asked what his key message would “bee” to the public, Provincial Apiculturist Paul van Westendorp provided me with these words: “For Galiano residents and beekeepers the most supportive thing they can do is plant, plant, and plant more bee forage!” The exclamation mark was his. He sent me this link of suggested bee forage plants: Among such flowers and plants are: lupines, lavender, borage, cranesbill, hyssop, and phacelia, to name a few.


Galiano's Next Top Nettle 2017 Cooking Competition Winners

Galiano’s Next Top Nettle 2017 Winners

Category 1: Homestyle Cooking

1st Place
Nettle Scalloped Potatoes by Jeanne Erickson

2nd Place
Nettle Crepe by Tobias Scharvogel

Category 2: Avant-garde Cuisine

1st Place
Spring Lasagna by Jane Wolverton

2nd Place
Nettle Cashew Cheese Stuffed Dates by Pat Pilat

Category 3: Dan the Man Island Style

2nd Place
Nettle Sushi by Team 281


Film Night!

Seed, the Untold Story
Thursday May 4th, 7pm
Join us for the screening of Seed: The Untold Story, followed by a discussion facilitated by the Seed Library of Galiano. Doors open at the South Hall at 6:30pm, with organic popcorn and beverages included all for $5/per person. Theater Bytes refers to this film as: "A brilliantly filmed, scripted, and directed documentary that we all should probably view. The frank testimonial approach used in this film tells a very compelling story…”



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