Weekend Workshops

Propagation Workshop with Manon Tremblay

RESCHEDULED to MARCH 25 9:00am-3:00pm

This workshop looks at different techniques to help you grow the plants you always wanted without having to buy them! We will learn about hardwood and softwood cuttings, layering, air layering, division, grafting, as well as looking at different seeding techniques to ensure germination. Morning at South Hall, afternoon at Community Greenhouse. Car-pooling will be organized. Please bring a bagged lunch. Sliding scale $25-$35. Registration is required - just email galianofoodprograms@gmail.com


Beekeepers Course - Sunday, August 7th

Apiary Inspector David MacDonald will be coming to Galiano to share his knowledge on beekeeping, with specific focus on the varroa mite and its impact on honeybee populations. This course is for all levels of beekeepers, from novice to experienced, and will combine a morning tutorial with a field inspection at a local apiary. If you are interested, please RSVP to Colleen at galianofoodprograms@gmail.com. Details have not been confirmed but the course will likely run from 9am until 2pm.


Fruit Tree Pruning by Emma Luna Davis

Often in food gardening, we try to emulate nature’s cycles. But trees in the wild don’t require pruning. Why do we need to prune cultivated fruit trees? Pruning is done for lots of reasons, including:
• Safety for people and structures
• Aesthetic preference
• Removal of dead, diseased, or weak structures to increase the health of the tree
• Keeping the tree small enough that fruit is easy to access and the tree is easy to care for
• Encouraging root growth in young trees to ensure water supply


Taste the Wild – Nettle Foraging Retreat - April 12th & 13th

Are you interested in eating more local food and cooking with wild ingredients? Come spring, stinging nettles are among the first edible plants to burst from the ground in the Pacific Northwest. In an intimate setting just an hour’s ferry ride from the mainland, join us for a fun celebration of local wild abundance on beautiful Galiano Island April 12th and 13th, 2014, and learn all about nettles—their health and nutritional properties, how to harvest them, and how to cook and preserve them.

Introduction to Nettle Foraging - April 12th 10am-2pm


Nettle Crafting Workshop with Cedana Bourne - 10-2:30pm - Sunday April 13, 2014

Foraging for food has never been more popular, and come spring, stinging nettles are among the first edible plants to burst from the ground in the Pacific Northwest. Join Cedana in learning how to create nettle products so you can enjoy the benefits of this healthy-giving wild plant all year round.


Introduction to Nettle Foraging with Dora Fitzgerald - April 12th - 10am -2:00pm

“One of the first real signs of spring, and one of my favourite wild foods, are the new nettle shoots that start poking out of the ground early in the spring. At a time when we’ve been living on frozen veggies, or cabbage and root vegetables, fresh greens are a welcome sight. Plus nettles are actually good for us! Nettles are extremely rich in vital nutrients, including vitamin D, which is rare in plants; vitamins C and A; and minerals, including iron, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.” -Dora Fitzgerald


Taste the Wild Instructor - Dora Fitzgerald

Ever since childhood, the concept of plants as healers has captivated Dora Fitzgerald. Dora has been a Galiano resident for 24 years and has focused her energies on learning about our native plants, and healing plants used in other cultures and locales as well. A self-taught herbalist, she has facilitated the Food Program’s monthly herbal collective for the last three years. Her goal is to deepen the connection we feel towards the natural world and understanding the role of plants in helping us to maintain our own well being.


Taste the Wild Instructor - Cedana Bourne

Cedana Bourne is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and has completed the Wild Seed School of Herbal Studies intermediate program. She is a wild food medicine forager, a gardener, a baker, a brewer and a fermenter who has spent the last few years immersed in learning rural rhythms on Galiano Island. She has been working with the Galiano Food Program developing community food sustainability, and has had the delicious pleasure of growing and preserving much of her own food.


Wild Kitchen - Nettle Cooking with Alison - April 12th 4:00-8pm

If I told you that there was a fantastically tasty, nutritious and absolutely free foodstuff growing probably meters, and certainly no more than five minutes' walk, from where you now sit, would I pique your interest? If I said it was easy to cook and very versatile, might I be whetting your appetite? And if I mentioned that it beats both spinach and broccoli for vitamins and minerals and protein, would that seal the deal?


Taste the Wild Instructor - Alison Colwell

Alison Colwell was the owner of the Blackberry Patch Kitchen, a popular island bakery, and is the author of four cookbooks. She currently works for the Galiano Community Food Program, regularly teaching cooking classes, leading the “Meals for Seniors” program, and organizing many of the popular community events, such as Nettlefest, Winter Solstice and the Community Picnic



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