The Bluffs as viewed from a drone over Active Pass. (photo by Kris Krüg)


The Food Program is hosting a cooking class as part of the Galiano Naturalists Mushroom Festival which runs November 4th and 5th.
Come learn some tips and new recipes for cooking with Wild Mushrooms.
We'll gather at 4pm to cook together, then sit and share our supper.

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With Alysha Punnett from Victoria's Compost Education Centre.

Soil: Really Important Tiny Lives explores the importance of a thriving soil ecosystem in the context of our gardens as well as from the broader global perspective. Everything that microorganisms in the soil do for us will be...

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This year, the Food Program is paying a bit of extra attention to bacteria, and the important roles they play in our food systems, from the garden to the table. This month, we’re excited to be welcoming Alysha Punnett, Site Manager & Community Education Coordinator at Victoria’s Compost...

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Building resilience, building relationships. The Permaculture Working Group is a new opportunity to explore Permaculture and related ecological design methodologies while more importantly creating new friendships, sharing knowledge and getting some experience putting the topics we explore to...

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Complaint Resolution

• A complaint resolution process has been implemented to address complaints both from employees and members of the public. In addition, the Board will cooperate with any external bodies having jurisdiction in investigating complaints.


Please note that there is no smoking or camping allowed in the Bluffs, Mt Galiano or in the Community Forest. If you see people smoking or camping please ask them to stop and let the Galiano Club know so that we can follow up. Thanks everyone for your cooperation and vigilance in this extreme...

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